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 DH Driver Cleaner.NET v3.4.6.0

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تاريخ التسجيل : 17/06/2010
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DH Driver Cleaner.NET v3.4.6.0

Driver Cleaner.NET is a program which helps you to remove parts of drivers that are left after uninstalling the old drivers. The program is for ATI, nVidia, Creative, Realtek, SIS, 3Dfx, S3 and more drivers. First you need to uninstall the drivers from the control panel, then reboot to safemode. After rebooting, run the program. For a good description of what steps you should take, you really need to read the help file as it contains detailed instructions and descriptions.

Supported OS:
Windows 98; Windows 98 Second Edition; Windows ME; Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows Server 2003; Windows Vista; Windows Server 2008; Windows 7

Install Notes:
1. Install DH Driver Cleaner.NET v3.4.1.0.
2. Register with one of the given serials, or use the keygen to have it registered in your name.
3. Now, to upgrade to v3.4.6, run Driver Cleaner.NET and go to "Tools" then click on "Live Update".
Note: If Live Update v3.4.1.0 does not work under windows Vista & 7, then copy the given Live Update v3.4.6.0 to program directory and run it there




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DH Driver Cleaner.NET v3.4.6.0
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